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Golden Tips on Energy Conservation


General Lighting tips

  1. Instead of brightly lighting an entire room, light only the specific area where you are working and not the whole room.
  2. Turn off all unnecessary lights and try keeping bulbs and fixtures clean.
  3. Use light colour on walls to reduces your lighting requirement
  4. Natural light is free. Make the best use natural lighting whenever and wherever possible especially during the day time.
  5. Turn off lights and other energy consuming appliances which are not in use or utilized
  6. Reduce overhead and confine to domestic lighting as far as possible to cut down your energy consumption bills.
  7. Use fluorescent bulbs in desk lamps
  8. Resort to CFL Bulbs instead of incandescent bulb. CFLs produce four times the light per watt compared to an ordinary incandescent bulb. They are higher in price but last longer.
  9. About 10% of your electric consumption bill can be saved by installing dimmer switches, lighting motion sensors or low wattage light bulbs.
  10. Illuminate your corridors using night lights when a little light is enough.
  11. Avoid unnecessary decoration of lights and limit the consumption of electricity especially in a vacant house/ room.
  12. Switch on the streetlights in proper time. It will be wise if we can use the timer.
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