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Golden Tips on Energy Conservation


Heating Tips

  1. Using of Halogen floor lamps may prove futile as they consumes lots of power and may pose a safety risk
  2. Instead of turning on your heaters, wear a sweater or add a blanket during the cold seasons
  3. Use ceiling fans to circulate warm air in winter rather than using your AC, especially in rooms with high ceilings.
  4. Small appliances use less power than larger ones. Wisely choose your new electrical appliances based on your wise decision and as per your needs.
  5. Cover the pots and pans and cook several dishes at once in the oven, to save time and energy.
  6. Substitute your electric heaters or halogen heaters with fluorescence heaters as they consumes lots of energy.
  7. Unless absolutely necessary, consider using a fan to an air conditioner during the hot summer seasons . It saves energy too.
  8. Don't set your hairdryer to the maximum heat setting, not only will you save your power bills, but your scalp too.
  9. Appliances (irons, coffee pots, etc.) with time limited shut off switches are very ideal for low energy charges.
  10. Replace your old aging electrical appliances, like TVs, VCRs etc when needed, with energy efficient models.
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