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Golden Tips on Energy Conservation


Tips on Refrigerators

  1. Maintain refrigerator at 37 - 40 degrees F and freezer at 5 degrees F
  2. Defrost the fridge once ice gets more than ΒΌ” thick. Regular defrosting reduces power consumption.
  3. Remember to empty your refrigerators and turn them off during the winter seasons.
  4. Change the setting on your electric refrigerator to energy save mode
  5. Ensure that the dirty coils of your refrigerator are kept clean as the dirty coils can make your refrigerator to work harder than necessary.
  6. Make sure the refrigerator door seals are airtight and don't leave the door open longer than necessary.
  7. Try not to overload your refrigerator capacity.
  8. Hot foods items should be allowed to cool down before placing them in the refrigerator. Hot food tends to decreases the temperature, thereby forcing the refrigerator to work harder to keep the air cool.
  9. Clean dust and lint away from appliances (heating/cooling unit, refrigerators, hot water heaters, etc.) on a regular basis so that the motors run more efficiently
  10. Load washing machines only to its prescribed capacity. A half-loaded washing machine wastes hot water and energy.
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